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IvDesign - Furniture Collection

IvDesign - Έπιπλα κατοικίας

Monastirioy 79, Thessaloniki, 54627
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The Company iv-Design was founded in order to enter dynamic in the the field of furniture, decoration and fitting out and renovation of interior and exterior spaces.

By having experienced and highly trained staff, they are able to propose ideal solutions, after study of each area, and to prepare accurate budget construction, within a predetermined time interval.

After years of experience in decoration company iv-Design takes the shape of hotels, shops, offices, coffee bar, catering facilities and residences.

Our Furniture Construction:


Sofa Fiorentina
Living with clean lines, made ​​with the highest quality framed.
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Synthesis Faidra
Temporal composition wall with a window and two side shelves.                            
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Wardrobe quatrefoil with two drawers and attic inox handles.       
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Table Glass
Dining in a casual bar with four legs. There is possibility to change size and colors.                                     
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Bedroom Smile
Bedroom in a modern design with inox handle.                                   
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