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Oikodomotexniki - Renovations,Painting Contractors

Οικοδομοτεχνική - Ανακαινίσεις,Ελαιοχρωματισμοί

Lagkada 301, Thessaloniki, 56430
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The "Oikodomotechniki" active since 1994 in the field of building and construction work in order to improve the building.
We operate in the region of Thrace and Eastern Macedonia.

Our customers are currently companies and individuals from Alexandroupoli Komotini, Xanthi, Kavala and other cities.

The "Oikodomotechniki" constantly researching the market making the improvement and construction of your property with materials of high quality and durability.
Our principle is to offer quality work for long term results.
Full service provided :
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 Painting Renovations  Studies Project  Tiles
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 Steel Structures  Prefabricated Houses  Plumbing   Stone





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